Tool bar

Tool bar

Toggle logging


1. Toggle logging 
Toggle switch for the logging function. Click to toggle on or off.
When switched on, all I/O will be written to a predefined logfile. You set the path and file name for the logfile in the general settings, and also the parameters that have to be written together with the NMEA data.

Text file handling


2. Text file handling 
With these controls you handle the built-in text editor of NemaStudio. From left to right:
  • Create a new text file;
  • Open an existing text file
  • Save an open text file
  • Print an open text file
  • Play any text file at 1 sec interval per line
  • Cut a selected part of the text
  • Copy a selected part of the text
  • Past text into the text editor
Below are two examples of the text editor of NemaStudio, in the first image a $GPWPL file to be used in the GPS Auto function and
in the second image an example of a file replay, in this case a captured NAVTEX file.



3. Communications 



4. General 
Opens the General Settings tab

Delete current object

5. Delete current object
Deletes the object (Instrument, Target) in the currently active tab.
Confirmation is asked before deleting.
Note that deleting of an object can also be achieved by selecting an object with the right mouse button in the NMEA Object Explorer and clicking the Delete menu item in the context menu as shown below.

Start, Stop

and Close all

6. Start, Stop 
and Close all
These button will respectively start all open objects, stop all open objects or close all open objects simultaneously.

Replay Log file

7. Replay Log file
Clicking this button will initiate the replay of a stored NemaStudio log file.
This will replay a previously saved log file provided that the following settings are true (General Settings/Program settings):
so that NemaStudio is able to replay including the original time intervals, objects and ports.
Note that replying a log file will close all active objects and that logging must be "OFF".
Below is an example of a properly formatted log file, observe the date/time, object id and port in the beginning of each sentence: