UDP/IP Port settings

Apart from the serial ports NemaStudio also supports a maximum of 16 UDP/IP ports, tagged UDP0 up to UDP15.
You can mix UDP ports with serial ports if you like, or assign different ports or the same UDP port to any or all instruments.
From Version 1.27 NemaStudio also supports UDP Multicast.
UDP/IP Port settings

"Apply settings" button

1. "Apply settings" button
Applies and saves the settings


2. Tag
Reference to the UDP port to use.
This tag will show up in any instrument's port dropdown box when
all parameters of this port are valid, as shown below:

Remote IP Address

3. Remote IP Address
The IP address of the remote system.
Observe that for UDP Multicast the address must be in the range to and that the TimeToLive must be > 0.

Local Port

4. Local Port
The local port number to use

Remote Port

5. Remote Port
The remote port number to use.

Time To Live

6. Time To Live
"Time to live" time setting when using Multicast.
NemaStudio will using Multicast UDP when:
  1. the IP address is in the range to and
  2. the TimeToLive is set to a value between 1 and 255.
Check with your network administrator for the correct setting.