SAR aircraft


The AIS SAR Aircraft object will transmit AIS Message Type 9.

SAR aircraft


After clicking the "Start" button the AIS simulation will start, and the messages will be sent to the selected output port of the PC, until the "Stop" button is pressed. Note that only those messages will be sent that are checked.
All messages are shown in the I/O Port Monitor as they are output. When logging is ON (toolbar option), the sentences will also be written to the user selected log file.
Clicking the "Stop" button will suspend the operation, until "Start" is clicked again.
When the Transmit Interval is set to 0.0 the sentences are output as "single shot" each time you click the "Start" button.
Clicking the little X top-right will exit the object and save optionally all current values, so that next time the target is opened it can continue where it stopped. Note: saving is an optional setting in the General Settings.
A short description of each field follows.

MMSI number

1. MMSI number
9-digit MMSI number.
Auto generated by NemaStudio when instantiating a new object.
Can be changed at will.


2. Tag
For easy identifying the object in e.g. the Object Control Center

Altitude sensor

3. Altitude sensor
  • 0=GNSS
  • 1=Barometric

Course Over Ground

4. Course Over Ground
Course over ground in degrees


5. Accuracy
The position accuracy (PA) flag
  • 0=Low
  • 1=High


6. Latitude/Longitude
The position of the SAR object. To change: place the mouse cursor left of the leftmost digit.
Then just start typing the latitude or longitude, the cursor will advance automatically and the value will be automatically formatted.

RAIM flag

7. RAIM flag
RAIM flag: Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) flag of electronic position fixing device
  • Unchecked = RAIM not in use
  • Checked = RAIM in use


8. Altitude
Altitude. COG and SOG and Altitude values are taken from the Object Control Center.

DTE flag

9. DTE flag
Data terminal ready

Speed Over Ground

10. Speed Over Ground
Speed over Ground
COG and SOG and Altitude values are taken from the Object Control Center.
The max ranges for these controls can be set in the General Settings.
In the General Settings the setting for SOG is set by default to30 knots.
If you need a higher value for a SAR you can adjust the range for the velocity control there.

Own ship (VDO)

11. Own ship (VDO)

Assigned mode flag

12. Assigned mode flag


13. Checksum
Check this if you want a checksum added to each sentence.