Program settings

In this sub tab you set parameters that influence the behaviour of NemaStudio, like the location of the log file,
save options and range settings for certain controls.
Program settings

Maximum Range


1. Maximum Range 
You can set the maximum range of some of the controls in the Control Center.
This will affect the increment value of the sliders underneith the control.

Set random initial position

2. Set random initial position
This is an important setting. NemaStudio is using this setting when you instantiate a new
object, e.g. a GPS or AIS object. By setting these parameters you decide in what geographical
area the object must initially occur. NemaStudio will place the object somewhere within the
circular range from the position you set here.

Save object options

3. Save object options

Logging options

4. Logging options
You set the location where NemaStudio saves the log file here.
With the check boxes you can indicate if you want the date and time, the id of the object and the port number to be saved in the logfile also.
Remember you can view the logfile anytime with the built-in text editor in NemaStudio as shown below or with any other suitable text file viewer.
NemaStudio's text file viewer showing the logfile where all 3 checkboxes are checked in
the logging options.

Check New Version

5. Check New Version
When this box is checked, nemaStudio will check at program start if there is a new version available.
If there is a newer version available, a new tab opens to give the user the opportunity to download and install the new version. If you do not want to check for new versions at program start you should uncheck this box.
Note that there is also a menu entry in the Help menu to manually check for new versions.

Automatic run at start

6. Automatic run at start
If this box is checked NemaStudio will automatically start running at open.
This can come in handy when NemaStudio must run as a scheduled task.

Altitude simulation

7. Altitude simulation
Checking this box adds an extra GPS simulation function for aviators.

Alert Handling

8. Alert Handling
Checking this box will activate the Bridge Alert Management module.
This will require a new program start. NemaStudio will ask if you want this now or later.