NMEA settings

In the NMEA settings sub tab you set your preferences regarding NMEA matters, like the NMEA0183 version you prefer,
what distance units NemaStudio should deal with etc.
NMEA settings

NMEA0183 Version

1. NMEA0183 Version
The NMEA0183 version NemaTalker should use when generating NMEA sentences.
This option is included to remain compatible with older NMEA devices that do not support the latest NMEA version.

Default Magnetic Variation

2. Default Magnetic Variation
Here you can set a default magnetic variation
that NemaStudio initially applies when creating a new instrument.

Default UTC Offset

3. Default UTC Offset
The UTC offset NemaStudio should apply as default when instantiating a new GPS module.
The value is used in the $GPZDA sentence and can be changed any time in the GPS module itself.

Distance Unit

4. Distance Unit
You can set either Nautical Miles or Kilometers
as a distance unit



5. $GPGGA 
Parameters for $GPGGA sentences when using
differential GPS data

GPS Position Accuracy

6. GPS Position Accuracy
By default NemaStudio applies a 5 decimal digit precision.
Not all applications can handle this. Sometimes a less
precision is needed in order not to have the connected
application crash.

$GPDTM Datum

reference data

7. $GPDTM Datum 
reference data
Parameters for the $GPDTM sentence.

UTC handling

8. UTC handling
Choose to use the actual UTC Date and Time or an artificial UTC Date and Time you set yourself.
UTC Date/Time is used in GPS.

Max. Sentence length

9. Max. Sentence length
If checked NemaStudio will check if the number of characters in a sentence does not exeed 79,
between starting delimiter "$"or "!" and the terminating CR/LF.
Note that this does not include the TAG block.

Multicast Prefix

10. Multicast Prefix
Check this if UdPbC (followed by null character) is required when UDP Multicast is used

TAG Block


11. TAG Block 
Select Tag Block parameters if TAG Block is to be used