Panel: Object Control Center

With the controls in the Object Control Center you address the object under the active tab, and that is always the visible object in the foreground.
When you select another object by clicking a tab, the controls become active for the new foreground object.
You can set the values in the controls in 3 ways:
With the radio button under the rudder control you can quickly set the rudder to the 0 position.
The maximum range of the controls can be set to your own preferences in the General Settings in case you are not happy with the default values as shown.
Panel: Object Control Center

Altitude control

1. Altitude control
Default -10000 meters to +10000 meters

Course control

2. Course control
0 to 360 degrees (cannot be changed)

Velocity control

3. Velocity control
Default -30 knots to +30 knots

Rudder control

4. Rudder control
Default -30 degrees to +30 degrees