Weather instrument

Weather instrument


After clicking the "Start" button the simulation will start, and NMEA sentences will be sent to the selected output port of the PC, until the "Stop" button is pressed. Note that only those NMEA sentences will be sent that are checked in the "NMEA sentences" panel.
All sentences are shown in the I/O Port Monitor as they are output. When logging is ON (toolbar option), the sentences will also be written to the user selected log file.
Clicking the "Stop" button will suspend the operation, until "Start" is clicked again.
When the Transmit Interval is set to 0.0 the sentences are output as "single shot" each time you click the "Start" button.
Clicking the little X top-right will exit the object and save optionally all current values, so that next time the instrument is used it can continue where it stopped. Note: saving is an optional setting in the General Settings.
A short description of each field follows.

Object tag

1. Object tag
Optional, to give this instrument a name for easy identification.

Checksum option

2. Checksum option

Start and Stop buttons

3. Start and Stop buttons

Wind speed

4. Wind speed
Set the wind speed either in Knots, Meters per second or Kilometers per hour.
The value entered here will be automatically converted to one of the other possible measuring units in the NMEA0183 output sentences.

Wind angle

5. Wind angle
Set the True or Relative wind angle.
The wind angle can be automatically and randomly vary with the percentage set, so that a more realistic simulation can be achieved.

Water temperature

6. Water temperature
Set the water temperature in degrees Celcius.

NMEA 0183

sentence formatters

7. NMEA 0183 
sentence formatters
Select the NMEA 0183 sentences you want to simulate and to be sent to the output port

NMEA 0183

sentence identifiers

8. NMEA 0183 
sentence identifiers
To set the NMEA0183 sentence identifier. Set this to either
  • $II - Integrated Instrument
  • Native - $WI weather instument
  • Proprietary - create your own in the text box

Link to Heading instrument

9. Link to Heading instrument
VWR and VWT sentences can optionally take their values from a selected Heading object