Transducer instrument

Transducer instrument
One transducer object can define 1 to 4 sensors of different type. Each of these can be active or not.
There is only one NMEA 0183 formatter available: the $--XDR sentence formatter.
If you need more than 4 sensors you can create as many Transducer objects in NemaStudio as you require.


1. Tag
Any name you like to give to this transducer set

Sensor is active

2. Sensor is active
Check if this sensor is active and should transmit its values,
uncheck if the sensor is inactive and data is not sent

Sensor type

3. Sensor type
Defines the sensor type:
  • temperature C
  • angular displacement A
  • linear displacement D
  • frequency F
  • force N
  • pressure P
  • flow rate R
  • tachometer T
  • humidity H
  • volume V

Sensor reading value

4. Sensor reading value
Sensor reading value
Can be positive or negative, 4 decimal places are allowed.
(Note: the up/down control increases with 1/10, if you need more precise
values you need to enter the value manually here.)

Units of Measure

5. Units of Measure
Measuring Unit:
  • C = degrees Celsius
  • D = degrees ("-" = anticlockwise)
  • M = meters ("-" = compression)
  • H = Hertz
  • N = Newtons ("-" = compression)
  • B = Bars ("-" = vacuum)
  • l = liters/second
  • R = RPM
  • P = Percent
  • M = cubic meters
Note: there is no validity checking against the sensor type,
so it is quite possible to have a frequency sensor to output in liters per minute or so.


6. Identifier
Give any name as identifier for this sensor