Installing NemaStudio

NemaStudio is delivered as a Windows Installer file (msi). In most cases you will have downloaded this file from the Sailsoft website. If you have obtained the file from somewhere else, please don't install it. Instead download the file from our website. This will ascertain you have the latest version of the program, and that it is clean of any possible malware.
When you run the file - either directly at download or after saving and double-clicking on it - the NemaStudio Setup Wizard will start.
You need to agree with the licence terms, otherwise the program will not install.
Make sure you've read them carefully before continuing.
You have the option of changing the install directory. It is recommended that you accept the proposed directory. In 64-bit Windows7 and Vista NemaStudio will be installed per default in C:\Program Files (x86)
Installation progress is shown.
After closing this screen NemaStudio is ready to run and can be started from the desktop icon or the Windows Start menu.